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Halloween HAIRBAND with dreads, braids, feathers and spooky beads! Dread wig! Dreads falls

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Dreadlocks on an elastic band will be a great hairstyle decoration!
Halloween? – you will be the brightest 🔥

You can order CLIPS – ANY STYLE (Boho, Viking, Witch), ANY COLORS – LINK

Orange set of clips – colors: orange, purple, black READY TO SHIP LINK 

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You can use 1 hair band for 1 dread bun on the head.
Or take set of 2 – and use for 2 buns.

One elastic band includes: 12 dreads + 4 braids + 1 strip with feathers + 1 strip with a pattern
Halloween DECORATED with spooky beads and jewelry, threads and ribbons!
All decorations are included!

The bands can be used both with hair and can be added to your hairstyle, even if you already have dreadlocks on your head.

After Halloween, the beads can be removed and these hairbands will fit for normal use.

The safest kind of dreads!
These dreadlocks are easy to install and removed !
DO NOT damage your hair in any way, does not need to be washed.

The ponytail is very reliable and soft.
They are lightweight, volume and re-usable.

LENGHT 28 inches (70 cm).

2 color options:
ORANGE band – colors: orange, purple, black.
GREEN band – colors: green, black, a bit of orange.

* clips
* elastic bands / ponytails
* sets for a regular (safe) installation – double or single

VIDEOS how to fix it on your head, how it looks – check out our instagram! @basilisk_hairs – LINK

Amount of bands

1 green band (usd$115), 2 green bands (usd$180), 1 orange band (usd$115), 2 orange bands (usd$180), 1green + 1orange (usd$180)


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