Custom – YOU CHOOSE! CLIPS with dreads, braids, curls! Any colors, Length, Style of Decor! CLIPS95

150 $250 $

if you DIDN`T choose a solid color

enter the link URL to our product whose colors suit you

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Set Includes 4 clips = 3 Quad Clip (4 pieces on 1 clip) + 1 Double Clip (2 pieces on 1 clip).
Double clip – or 2 pieces, OR 1 piece + 1 strip with feathers (YOU CHOOSE).

The clips can be used both with hair and can be added to your hairstyle, even if you already have dreadlocks on your head.

The safest kind of dreads!
These dreadlocks are easily clipped in and removed !
DO NOT damage your hair in any way, does not need to be washed.

The clip is very reliable and soft.
They are lightweight, volume and re-usable.

WHAT`S INCLUDED – you can choose also!

LENGHT – you choose, 16 OR 20 OR 22-24 inches.

No decor at all

DECORATED – 7 pieces : 3 pieces with threads & hangling jewelry, 4 with beads (rounded) ; 6 without decor.
IF you chose “curls only” = no jewelry (if the clip set only has curls, it is impossible to add jewelry to curly hair).

1. You can add a link (URL) to our product whose colors you like
2. OR you can choose some solid color
INDIVIDUAL COLOR, if it is not in our products, and not in the listed colors – we can also do, but the price will be higher. Email us basiliskhairs@gmail.com


VIDEOS HOW TO USE THE CLIPS (installation) – check out our instagram @basilisk_hairs
Direct video LINK

ETA (Estimated time of arrival) – you can see by adding the product to cart and selecting your country and type of delivery.


Also possible urgent production (with surcharge).
And the section – “READY TO SHIP” – these are already made dreadlocks, which ship within a couple of days, without extra charge.

We can customize any set, and make any custom set, any color, with any decorations.
Email us if you need it!

Type of clips

no strip with feathers, with 1 strip with feathers

What's included

bumpy dreads only, straight dreads only, bumpy dreads + couple braids, straight dreads + couple braids, bumpy dreads + curls + couple braids, straight dreads + curls + couple braids, curls + couple braids, curls only


16 inches, 20 inches, 22-23 inches

Jewelry style

no decorations, boho style, viking style, witch style, halloween style


I will add a LINK to your product, use colors from it, black, dark brown, chocolate brown, chesnut brown (medium ash brown), light golden brown, light ash brown, bright ginger, dirty blonde, honey blonde, light blonde, lightest platinum blonde


set of 4 clips, set of 8 clips, set of 6 clips


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