Custom dreads and braids and curls. VIKING set. For ElfLocs

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Custom set for ElfLocs

23 Doubles:
15 dreads crochet loose ends
5 various braids
3 curls

Length – 22-24 inches

Texture – crochet loose ends

Colors : Dark ginger / copper (a few shades, maybe with a bit lighter ends)

Decor – Viking style.
Decorate the whole 50 % (meaning one side of each 20 double dread+braid decorated)

Love beads, yarn, braids, wooden stuff etc.
Earthy colours mainly (brown, beige, white, olive green, copper, bronze, gold etc.).
Prefer wood/natural materials. Prefer gold or bronze to silver.
Bones are fine 🙂
Not too many pendants.

no feathers, no skulls.

Type and Quantity

45 double – FULL SET (325 US$), 70 single – FULL SET (325 US$)


16-18 inches, 20-22 inches, 22-24 inches, 26-28 inches


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