All of our sets are decorated (threads, feathers, beads, pendants) as shown in the items photos.

Changing the color of the embellishments – at no additional cost.
Adding or removing feathers, adding or remoing braids from the set – at no additional cost.

Information about changing jewelry colors, adding or removing feathers/braids from set – you can simply add in a comment to your order.

Decorations contain approximately 15-25% of the number of dreadlocks ordered.
Be careful when ordering – almost all photos, show full head sets containing 45 doubles or 70 singles.
And jewelry – which will be contained on the full set.
If you don’t want to order a whole set, but 10-20-30 pieces – the jewelry will be less than the jewelry for the whole set (will also be 15-25% of the set).
15-25% on 10 pieces is 4.5 times less than 15-25% on 45 pieces !

If you want a small set (not for the whole head) – but to have them all embellished, this is called an ACCENT SET – the price will be higher!

Sets with lots of decorations, or decorated in Viking and Witches styles – are more expensive in our store.
Because the decorations themselves are more expensive, and require more of our time to set up.
If you like the color of the dreadlocks from BOHO style set, but you want the decorations as from VIKING set, no problem! BUT the price will be the same as the Viking set.

All changes that lead to an increase in the cost of the set (more jewelry, ACCENT SETS, replacement of ordinary jewelry with VIKING / WITCHES) – this is discussed BEFORE placing an order, so that we can issue you an additional invoice.

If you add a comment that raises the price of the set (and have not written to us before) – we will contact you and send you an invoice.

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