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    Boho and Varied sets. With CURLS
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    SALE! For CUSTOM set with pink and individual choice of second color and jewelry (Witch, Viking, Beach or Boho). Set with Dreads, Hybrid Locks (Curls), various Braids! CURLS185

    183 $525 $ Select options

    Only FOUR sets (55 or 60 double) – one of each of the four colors listed below will be sold at a 20% discount:
    Pink + BLACK (instead of blonde) 22-23 inches,
    Pink + DARK BROWN (instead of blonde) 22-23 or 27-30 inches,
    Pink + BROWN (instead of blonde) 22-23 inches,
    Pink + BRONZE (instead of blonde) 22-23 or 27-30 inches.

    At this discount – you get a big set of 55 doubles, for less than the price of 45 doubles.
    The extra large set of 60 doubles is the same price as the regular set!

    Set as pictured – PINK + BLOND, no discount!
    Other quantity (less than 55-60 doubles, or any number of singles) – no discount applies!

    Manufacturing time – 3 weeks.
    ETA (Estimated time of arrival) – you can see by adding the product to cart and selecting your country and type of delivery.

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