Single ended dreadlocks – single 1 SE = 1 dreadlocks. They have a loop at the base.
20 single = 20 dreads (ends)
100 single = 100 dreads (ends)

Double ended dreadlocks – double 1 DE = 2 dreadlocks. They fold in half and braided.
10 double = 20 dreads (ends)
50 double = 100 dreads (ends)

LENGTH you choose when ordering:
SE – length of single dread;
DE – length of each side (when folded in half).

SE and DE – installation is similar:
Single ended dreadlocks – single 1 SE = 1 dreadlocks.
They have a loop at the base braided – through the loop.

Double ended dreadlocks – double 1 de = 2 dreadlocks.
They fold in half and braided.

If you have own dreads already but wanting extensions – you need SE (single) DREADS.

The installation technique shown in the previous paragraph – makes it possible to install dreadlocks in any length of your own hair.
Even if your hair is below the waist – the “braided part” of your hair will be at most up to the length of your shoulders.

Yes, of course.
You only need to choose SINGLE dreads

These dreadlocks are single, with a loop at the base.
You will be able to cut the loop in the middle, and connect the ends of your own dreadlocks, with the bases of our dreadlocks!

We DO NOT recommend using double dreadlocks, and cutting them in the middle.
Because many dreadlocks are made as a mix of colors, and by cutting the dread in half – you won’t get pure color at the roots (to connect with yours) like single ones.
Also, the doubles are made to be used as doubles, and can get ruined from cutting.
Double Curls and Double Braids – under no circumstances should you cut them, you will 100% ruin them completely.

We have three different textures of dreads – crochet, bumpy-textured, curls.

Crochet – knitting by crochet. They are smooth and tidy.
Thickness (diameter) 0.35-0.4 inches (8-10 mm).

Bumpy-textured – knitting by crochet also! But specially created lumpy texture – as much as possible resemble dreadlocks made from own hair.
Lighter by weight than regular crochet dreads.
At the same time, they are incredibly soft (just like wool), and amazingly voluminous!
Slightly curved, different thickness (0.3 inch in the narrowest places, 0.5-0.6 inch in the widest places).
Most similar to dreadlocks made of your own hair.

Curls – have a non-long dreadlock part on the base (which you will use to install in your hair), and a long part of curly hair.
The lightest type of material!
But requires a little care

Dreads with hair at the ends (loose ends, LUX ends, curly) – this hair turn into dreadlocks after 3-7 days of wearing. This hair is synthetic, they dreading themselves.

Here is our standard thickness.
But we can do any – If you need thicker than specified, write to us BEFORE placing the order (price may change)


Crochet dreads – with loose ends (hair at the ends).
Thickness (diameter) 0.35-0.4 inches (8-10 mm).
Bumpy-textured – 2 types of ends : loose ends OR lux ends.
Thickness (diameter) – 0.3 inch in the narrowest places, 0.5-0.6 inch in the widest places.

Bumpy-textured with loose ends

Bumpy-textured with LUX ends – the ends are thick, wavy

Curls – 2 options: curls only, or add curls to a set of dreadlocks (any texture) and braids.

Curls only

Curls with dreads with braids

Double dreadlocks have more volume.

For whole head you need:
Dreads, Dreads+Braids, Dreads+Braids+curls – 45-50 double OR 70-80 single.
Curls only – 50-60 double OR 80-95 single.

Thick hair (no matter type of hairstyle) – 55-60 double or 90-100 single.

Mohawk/undercut/partial installation – YOU CAN SEE IN THE PICTURES

You can see in the picture

If you install dreadlocks only at the crown, then the length will look shorter by 4-6 inches, since the length of the dreadlocks in the photo is measured from the bottom of the head.

One installation is enough for 2-3 months.
Depends only on the growth rate of your own hair!
All our dreads – reusable, a set of dreadlocks can be used several times, each time for 2-3 months.

These are safe dreadlocks, your hair will be fine!

Yes, of course!

We can make ANY dreadlocks – any color, length, and thickness.
But all this – is discussed BEFORE placing the order (you can’t just write a comment – replace the color with “.”, as each individual order – requires clarification).

In 95% of cases – custom order is made without increasing the cost, and the price is the same as any set from the store.

BUT if the order is complicated :

  • or the colors need to be made by hand,
  • or such transitions/lengths of each color – which require much more time than usual,
  • or the length of the dreads is large,
  • or they are very thick (more difficult to make + more wasted material + more shipping costs, as the weight increases)

This rarely happens, about 1 order out of 20 individual orders – cost increases are required.

All of our sets are decorated (threads, feathers, beads, pendants) as shown in the items photos.

Changing the color of the embellishments – at no additional cost.
Adding or removing feathers, adding or remoing braids from the set – at no additional cost.

Information about changing jewelry colors, adding or removing feathers/braids from set – you can simply add in a comment to your order.

Decorations contain approximately 15-25% of the number of dreadlocks ordered.
Be careful when ordering – almost all photos, show full head sets containing 45 doubles or 70 singles.
And jewelry – which will be contained on the full set.
If you don’t want to order a whole set, but 10-20-30 pieces – the jewelry will be less than the jewelry for the whole set (will also be 15-25% of the set).
15-25% on 10 pieces is 4.5 times less than 15-25% on 45 pieces !

If you want a small set (not for the whole head) – but to have them all embellished, this is called an ACCENT SET – the price will be higher!

Sets with lots of decorations, or decorated in Viking and Witches styles – are more expensive in our store.
Because the decorations themselves are more expensive, and require more of our time to set up.
If you like the color of the dreadlocks from BOHO style set, but you want the decorations as from VIKING set, no problem! BUT the price will be the same as the Viking set.

All changes that lead to an increase in the cost of the set (more jewelry, ACCENT SETS, replacement of ordinary jewelry with VIKING / WITCHES) – this is discussed BEFORE placing an order, so that we can issue you an additional invoice.

If you add a comment that raises the price of the set (and have not written to us before) – we will contact you and send you an invoice.


You can wash them!
Wash your hair no more than once a week.
It helps if you mix some your regular shampoo with water – Dilute shampoo in proportions of 1 (shampoo) to 5-10 (water). And then pour it over your head and lather, concentrating on the scalp.
You don’t need to worry too much about washing the dreads themselves, because they are made of synthetic fiber and don’t really attract oil and dust.

Don’t rub with a towel after washing.

Keep away from high temperatures – Hair dryer-can’t be used!

You can dive or swim – both in the sea/ocean and in the pool!

No special care for dreadlocks and braids – not required!

For CURLS – during the first two weeks after installation, 1-2 times a day, you need to separate them from each other with wet hands!
This is necessary for the natural formation of curly dreadlocks. Then they just become “curly dreadlocks” – and no further special care is needed.

Be sure to braid in 1-2 braids at night

Don’t brush your curls!

Washing, drying for CURLS – all as with dreadlocks (described above)

One installation – DREADS BRAIDS CURLS – is enough for 2-3 months.
Depends only on the growth rate of your own hair!

All our sets – reusable, a set of dreadlocks/braids/curls can be used several times, each time for 2-3 months.
These are safe dreadlocks, your hair will be fine!

CARING FOR DECORATIONS (jewelry, beads, feathers)
Hair dryer-can’t be used for dreads!
But feathers (if your set contains them) – you can dry them with a hair dryer and they will be as good as new!

Beads and jewelry in your set may darken over time from the use of water, or darken from dust – but there is no need to do anything specifically with them, and there is no need to remove them for the time of washing.

You can always clean them (or replace them with new ones).

We use only high quality synthetic hair and materials.
Material – 100% kanekalon.

Kanekalon is a completely hypoallergenic material and is even used for children’s toys.
The first week after use – because of the sensitivity of the scalp, or because of too much tension when installing dreadlocks, you may have a slight itching, or redness.
It’s not an allergy, and it will normalize in a couple of days.

All of our products – are made in a smoke-free studio, and and prewashed after making and before shipping to you!

In our instagram and you can see how it looks on customers: www.instagram.com/Basilisk_Hairs/

The saved stories are at the top of account (highlights),
5 highlights with customers (customers 1, customers 2, 3, 4. 5).
There are 100 photos and videos of our customers in each!

All of our products are HANDMADE & MADE TO ORDER. 
Production time – depends on our workload at the moment, and ranges from 15 to 25 business days (not including weekends. That’s from 3 to 5 calendar weeks).

Delivery time will depend on the destination country and the postal service. Approximate delivery times.
ETA (Estimated time of arrival) – you can see by adding the product to cart and selecting your country and type of delivery.

To be fair, we always ship the first order that was placed first.

We have urgent production (1 week) – for an additional charge.
This does not mean that we are changing the order of placing orders, it means that one of our team members – agrees to lose the day off for this surcharge and make your order in his free time.
This does not affect the quality of the dreadlocks, and the master does this on his own initiative.

Due to the fact that the number of weekends that masters are willing to spend on work is limited, the RUSH ORDER option is not always available.
You can add RUSH ORDER (1 week, for an additional charge) in the “READY TO SHIP” section of our website.

Also, in the section – “READY TO SHIP” – these are already made dreadlocks, which ship within a couple of days, without extra charge. WE ALSO HAVE EXPRESS SHIPPING – you can choose it in your shopping cart BEFORE you pay.


Upon dispatch, customers will receive a tracking link from which they will be able to follow the progress of their shipment based on the latest updates made available by the shipping provider.

Please check all folders – perhaps you have a protection for receiving mails, and our mail ended up in SPAM.

Often, your package is already in transit (handed over to the delivery service) – but we don’t add a tracking number until it has actually been scanned by the postal service. If you cannot find our notification, or you are not sure that the order has already been sent, you can always contact us directly via basiliskhairs@gmail.com – and we’ll give you a tracking number, even if you haven’t received an email notification yet.

Regardless of the shipping method, you can always track your order here: https://www.17track.net/en

All of our products are HANDMADE & MADE TO ORDER – please read point 14 “HOW FAST WILL YOU MAKE MY DREADS?”.

Items from the “ready to ship” section – these items are also handmade, but they are ready and will ship within 1-3 business days.

Delivery time will depend on the destination country and the postal service. Approximate delivery times.
Once we’ve made your order, it’s time for delivery. Delivery time will depend on the destination country and the postal service.
ETA (Estimated time of arrival) – you can see by adding the product to cart and selecting your country and type of delivery.

For each country is available:
– Standard shipping ;
– EXPRESS delivery (paid).


We are not responsible for delays due to customs.

Please read the information provided by the link: https://basiliskhairs.com/returns_exchanges


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