Tarot brown ombre

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Magical set decorated in the style of Tarot – dreads and a few braids (various types).
The colors – brown, and ombre from brown to medium blonde.

Decorated in WICCA and TAROT styles – braids, ribbons, magic jewelry and beads, skulls, moons, suns, tree of life, pentagrams/pentacle, spiders, bats, evil eye, dead butterfly, the hand of Tarot, triskel/triskelion, triquetra, real crystals, feathers.
All decorations are included.

We use only high quality synthetic hair and materials.
Material – 100% kanekalon.

You can choose a necessary Texture, Type and quantity, Length of dreads below.
Also, we can make your set wavy or curly (whole set or just the ends) – add this option to your cart if needed.

What is the difference between textures (and their thickness), how much needed for different hairstyles, how to install double or single dreadlocks –  you can check in our section “F.A.Q”.

Full set or partial installation.
For the whole head we recommend 45-50 doubles or 70-80 singles


Texture – crochet loose ends
Type and quantity – 45 double
Length – 28 inches
Straight dreads.


Production time – depends on our workload with orders, so it varies (in some periods it is 2 weeks, in some periods up to 4-5 weeks).
Actual production time now – you can check in the section “PAYMENT & DELIVERY”.

Also possible urgent production (with surcharge), express delivery.
And the section – “READY TO SHIP” – these are already made dreadlocks, which ship within a couple of days, without extra charge.

Type and Quantity

15 double, 20 double, 25 double, 30 double, 35 double, 40 double, 45 double – FULL SET, 50 double – FULL SET, 55 double – BIG SET, 60 double – BIG SET, 15 single with loop, 20 single with loop, 30 single with loop, 40 single with loop, 50 single with loop, 60 single with loop, 70 single with loop – FULL SET, 80 single with loop – FULL SET, 90 single with loop – BIG SET, 100 single with loop – BIG SET

Texture of dreads in set

bumpy-textured loose ends, bumpy-textured LUX ends, crochet loose ends


11-13 inches, 16-18 inches, 20-22 inches, mixed, 17-22 inches, mixed, 18-24 inches, 26-28 inches


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