You can wash them!
Wash your hair no more than once a week.
It helps if you mix some your regular shampoo with water – Dilute shampoo in proportions of 1 (shampoo) to 5-10 (water). And then pour it over your head and lather, concentrating on the scalp.
You don’t need to worry too much about washing the dreads themselves, because they are made of synthetic fiber and don’t really attract oil and dust.
Don’t rub with a towel after washing.

You can dive or swim – both in the sea/ocean and in the pool!

One installation – DREADS BRAIDS CURLS RAPUNZEL – is enough for 2-3 months.
Depends only on the growth rate of your own hair!

All our sets – reusable, a set can be used several times, each time for 2-3 months.
These are safe dreadlocks, your hair will be fine!

No special care for dreadlocks and braids – not required!

During the first two weeks after installation, 1-2 times a day, you need to separate them from each other with wet hands!
This is necessary for the natural formation of curly dreadlocks. Then they just become “curly dreadlocks” / they will MATURE – and no further special care is needed. 

Be sure to braid in 1-2 braids at night.
Don’t brush your curls!
Washing, drying for CURLS – all as with dreadlocks (described above)

Keep away DREADS, BRAIDS AND CURLS from high temperatures – Hair dryer-can’t be used!
Never use a curling wand or flat iron for regular dreads/braids/curls!
They are made of a different material, NOT like locs with RAPUNZEL ends!

If you want them to always have their hair loose:
Brush them with a comb every day!
And at least 3-4 times a week – using any hair detangling spray.
You can even make your own spray, 1/4 cup water + 4-6 tsp (teaspoons) of coconut oil.
You can use a curling wand or a flat iron for the RAPUNZEL ends!
STRAIGHTEN or CURL them at any time!

If you want them to stay that way (wavy/curly), without being able to straighten them, just don’t brush them once during use!
And just like curls, they’ll mature!

Be sure to braid in 1-2 braids at night.

Washing for RAPUNZEL ends – all as with dreadlocks (described above).
Hair dryer-can’t be used!


CARING FOR DECORATIONS (jewelry, beads, feathers)
Hair dryer-can’t be used for dreads!
But feathers (if your set contains them) – you can dry them with a hair dryer and they will be as good as new!

Beads and jewelry in your set may darken over time from the use of water, or darken from dust – but there is no need to do anything specifically with them, and there is no need to remove them for the time of washing.

You can always clean them (or replace them with new ones).

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