Brown and Blonde ombre – VIKING set of Dreads & Braids. Real bones&Fangs, genuine Leather, Handmade wooden beads with Runes. Green accents

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The set includes dreads and various braids.
COLORS – 2 shades of brown – dark and chocolate, and ombre from these browns to 3 shades of blonde: lightest, honey and medium (beige)! As accent – couple braids with green!

Decorated in Viking style – Real Bones&Fangs, genuine Leather, wooden beads with Othila, Ansuz, Raido, metal runes and skulls, the skull of a crow, viking`s ornaments, axes, with threads and ribbons.
All decorations are included.

Because of the number of colors used, we cannot do this set in quantities less than 20 doubles or 30 singles!

We use only high quality synthetic hair and materials.
Material – 100% kanekalon.

You can choose a necessary Texture, Type and quantity, Length of dreads below.
Also, we can make your set wavy or curly (whole set or just the ends) – add this option to your cart if needed.

What is the difference between textures (and their thickness), how much needed for different hairstyles, how to install double or single dreadlocks –  you can check in our section “F.A.Q”.


Full set or partial installation.
For the whole head we recommend 45-50 doubles or 70-80 singles


Texture – crochet loose ends
Type and quantity – 70 single
Length – 18-24 inches
Straight dreads.


ETA (Estimated time of arrival) – you can see by adding the product to cart and selecting your country and type of delivery.

For each country is available:
– Standard shipping – free shipping to USA, Canada, all European countries, UK;
– EXPRESS delivery (paid).

Also possible urgent production (with surcharge).
And the section – “READY TO SHIP” – these are already made dreadlocks, which ship within a couple of days, without extra charge.


We can customize any set, and make any custom set, any color, with any decorations.
Email us if you need it!

Type and Quantity

20 double, 25 double, 30 double, 35 double, 40 double, 45 double – FULL SET, 50 double – FULL SET, 55 double – BIG SET, 60 double – BIG SET, 30 single with loop, 40 single with loop, 50 single with loop, 60 single with loop, 70 single with loop – FULL SET, 80 single with loop – FULL SET, 90 single with loop – BIG SET, 100 single with loop – BIG SET

Texture of dreads in set

bumpy-textured loose ends, bumpy-textured LUX ends, crochet loose ends


11-13 inches, 16-18 inches, 20-22 inches, mixed, 17-22 inches, mixed, 18-24 inches, 26-28 inches


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